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Website Redesign Cost– 2023 updated (plus 6 cost-saving tips)

Website Redesign Cost– 2023 updated (plus 6 cost-saving tips)
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When it comes to website redesign costs, there are multiple factors. In this blog post, we will find out what website redesign entails, and compare the costs and benefits of three popular options: DIY, hiring a freelancer, and working with a professional web design company. Read on to find out which option is the best fit for your business needs and budget.

Overview of website redesign

1. What are the website redesigns?

A website redesign is the process of updating or revamping an existing website’s design and functionality. This can include changes to the site’s layout, functionality, navigation, content, and overall user experience. A redesign can help improve a site’s performance, make it more visually appealing and modern, and better align with a company’s brand identity.

2. Why redesign a website?

  • High Bounce Rate: A high bounce rate is an indication that the user experience of the website is not satisfactory, and visitors are leaving quickly without engaging with the content. This can be caused by outdated design elements, confusing navigation, lack of mobile compatibility, or engaging content.
  • Unclear and poor information: A website should be designed to clearly and concisely communicate your company’s mission, vision, and values. It should also provide users with an easy way to contact your business and access the information they need. If your website isn’t doing this, a redesign may be necessary to better reach your target audience.
  • Slow Performance: When your website suffers from slow loading times, sluggish response, or poor backend performance,  visitors may leave and seek out your competitors instead. This can also have a negative impact on search engine rankings, as search engines prioritize sites that provide a good user experience. 
  • Poor conversion rate: A good website should be designed to guide users through the conversion funnel, from initial awareness to final purchase. If your website does not have a clear call-to-action, or if it does not have an effective way of tracking user behavior and measuring results, then it may be time for a redesign.

reasons to redesign a website

3. What kinds of website redesign do you need?

Based on the core focus, a website redesign can be categorized into 4 main types as follows:

  • Redecoration focuses on refreshing the look and feel of a website and involves changing the color scheme, fonts, images, and other design elements.
  • Rewiring a website involves updating the backend to improve performance, security, and scalability. 
  • Remodeling is a comprehensive process that includes both redecoration and rewiring. It involves updating the website’s design, functionality, and content to enhance its overall performance and user experience.
  • Rebuilding means creating a completely new website from scratch. This option is best suited for businesses that are undergoing a major rebranding or need to completely overhaul their existing site’s functionality and design.

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4 kinds of web redesign

Main factors that impact website redesign cost

1. Website scope

The size of a website is one of the main factors that impact the cost of a redesign. Generally, the larger the website, the more time and resources it will require to redesign.  Websites can be categorized by their number of pages and the size of each page:

  • Small websites: up to 50 pages
  • Medium websites: between 50-150 pages
  • Large websites: over 150 pages

2. Features & functionalities

Another factor that can impact the cost of a website redesign is the complexity of the project such as the number of features and functionalities, API integrations and more.

For instance, if a website has complex features such as e-commerce functionality, long forms, and third-party integrations, it will take more time and effort to redesign it compared to a site with only basic features. 

3. Design

The cost of a website redesign is also influenced significantly by its design. Factors that can affect the complexity of a website’s design include:

  • Incorporation of animations or interactive elements
  • The complexity of the site’s layout and navigation
  • Custom graphics, font, or illustrations
  • Responsive design for multiple devices and screen sizes

It’s important to keep in mind that while an intricate design may be visually appealing, it may not always be the most practical option for your business needs and budget. 

4. Content

When it comes to content, the amount of work needed for a website redesign can vary greatly depending on the type of content and how much of it needs to be updated. 

For example, if a website has many pages of text-heavy or irrelevant content that needs to be rewritten or reworked, it will take more time and resources than if the same website only has a few pages with minimal text.

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4 factors impact the cost of a website redesign

How much does it cost to redesign a website?

There are three main methods for website redesign: DIY, hiring a freelancer, or hiring a professional service. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on factors such as website redesign budget, time constraints, and skill level.

1. Doing your own website redesign

The expenses associated with DIY website redesign cost can fluctuate significantly based on the type of software and template that is selected. The average cost of a website redesign can range from as low as $100 for a basic website builder to upwards of $3,000 for more advanced design software and premium templates. 

However, It is crucial to bear in mind that while a DIY option may seem like an attractive choice due to its lower cost, it may not always provide the best results in terms of functionality and user experience. Additionally, the time and effort required to learn website design and development skills should also be taken into consideration before deciding on this option.

  • Can be a good option for small, simple websites
  • Flexibility to make changes at any time without relying on a third-party
  • Potential cost savings in the short-term
  • The steep learning curve for those without prior experience in web design and development
  • Limited features and functionality compared to other options
  • Higher risk of a subpar user experience if the website is not designed and developed properly
  • 2. Hiring freelancers for a website redesign

    If you lack the expertise, time, or resources to redesign the website, hiring a freelancer to redesign it can be an ideal choice. The cost of hiring a freelancer can range from around $2,000 for a basic redesign to upwards of $20,000 for more complex sites with unique features and functionalities. It’s important to note that the cost of a freelancer will also depend on the experience level and the location of the freelancer, as well as the scope of the project.

  • A more affordable option for businesses with smaller budgets
  • Ability to work with a professional designer without committing to a long-term contract
  • Freelancers often have specialized skills and expertise in certain areas

  • Risk of working with an unreliable freelancer who may miss deadlines or provide subpar work
  • May require more time and effort to manage the project and communicate with the freelancer compared to working with a professional company
  • Lack of accountability and support after the project is completed, especially if there are any issues or bugs that need to be addressed.
  • 3. Using professional service for a website redesign

    Working with a professional web design company can be the best option for businesses that require a high level of customization and functionality in their website redesign. The website redesign cost of hiring a professional web design company can vary depending on the scope of the project but typically ranges from $15,000 to $75,000 (Hubspot statistic)

    While this may seem like a significant investment, working with a professional web design company can offer significant advantages over DIY or freelance options. Top Professional companies typically have a larger team with specialized skills and expertise in various areas such as UX/UI design, SEO optimization, and development.

  • Access to a team of professionals with specialized skills and expertise
  • More control over the design and functionality compared to DIY or freelance options
  • High-quality, customized website design that aligns with your business goals and brand identity
  • Ability to integrate advanced features and functionalities, such as e-commerce or personalization
  • Ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your site stays up-to-date and secure.
  • Higher cost compared to DIY or freelance options
  • Communication and coordination may be more complex due to the involvement of multiple team members.
  • Longer time it takes to complete the project.
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    comparing website redesign cost in 2023 - pros and cons

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    6 Tips for a cost-effective website redesign

    1. Prioritize your website needs and focus on the most critical features: This will help you avoid unnecessary expenses and ensure that your website redesign stays within your budget.
    2. Break your website redesign into phases and implement them over time. This can help you spread out the cost and prioritize the most critical features first
    3. Use pre-designed templates or themes: There are many pre-designed templates or themes available that can be customized to fit your unique needs, reducing the cost of designing from scratch.
    4. Simplify your design: A clean and simple design can be just as effective as a complex one, and it can save you time and money in the design and development process.
    5. Use cost-effective tools and open-source platforms for website hosting and maintenance: These can assist you with saving money on ongoing maintenance and support costs, while still ensuring your site stays up-to-date and secure.
    6. Research and compare the pricing and services of different services before making a decision: A suitable company that offers services and pricing that match your requirements and budget can help you get the most value for your investment.

    tips for cost-effective website redesign

    Closing thoughts

    When deciding on the best option for your website redesign, it’s important to consider the type of redesign you need, as well as your business needs and budget. A DIY website redesign may be suitable for small websites that require only minor changes while hiring a freelancer can be a great choice for businesses that need to enhance one specific area of their website such as design or functionality. Professional web design companies are often the best option for larger businesses with bigger budgets and more complex needs.

    Additionally, when you decide to work with a professional, it’s important to choose a company that has a proven track record of delivering high-quality results. Be sure to check the company’s portfolio to see whether they are compatible with your business in terms of style, design thinking, and industry experience. If you are looking for an agile approach with high-tech integration to your website redesign, then maybe Ekoios can be a great fit. See how we’ve innovated design for other businesses, and the services we’ve got to offer!

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