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Migration service to keep you competitive

Transition from your outdated software seamlessly with our offerings which ranges from database migration to cloud migration and infrastructure modernization.
Database Migration
Safely migrate everything in your current database to a new system. No data loss guaranteed.
Cloud Migration
Transform your business by moving it to the cloud with improved data security and availability
Platform Migration
Modernize your infrastructure by migrating it to the latest system, with improved performance and security
IT infrastructure Migration
Move your entire IT infrastructure to a new one, effectively improving efficiency and user experience

Why choose Ekoios?

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Why choose Ekoios?

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Speedy Delivery
Our refined migration process ensures that everything can be migrated in no time, all without compromising on quality
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Seamless migration
The whole migration process will be taken care of for you and with no or minimal modification to the source code
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Zero Disruption
Understanding that any disruption means revenue loss, our migration process is deployed seamlessly and without interrupting your on-going business
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Next-gen Technologies
Ekoios experts are fluent in new and secure languages such as Python, Perl, and JAVA to ensure that the migration process is efficiently and flawlessly done
blockchain development services

From concept to product: How it's done

blockchain development services process
We reach out to you to get to know your system and what needs to be migrated
Start migrating with Ekoios
Upgrade your system and move your data to one that’s better, more efficient and secure — one that doesn’t hold your business back

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01What is a legacy application?
A legacy application is an outdated or obsolete software program or application. They’re usually on-premises apps or systems that have been used by businesses for years. Legacy migration refers to the modernization of old IT systems to a newer hardware infrastructure or software platform.
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