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Shanti Game: The blockchain-powered gamified platform

See how we enrich the Shanti Finance ecosystem with an intuitive gaming platform that runs seamlessly on desktop and mobile.

A BNB dApp of 5 classic minigames






2 months

User-friendly interface for easy fund management

Services Used:

web3 game development case study - Shanti Game

About The Client

Shanti is a social lending platform with the mission to empower the underbanked, who don’t have access to financial assistance, by giving them access to crypto trading. Built on the BNB chain, Shanti aims to become a full-fledged ecosystem, providing innovative means for users to earn, spend and invest utility-rich tokens such as staking, marketplace, gaming & more.

The Challenges

The owner of the Shanti project, Mr. Masahiro Tominaga, has been Ekoios’ strategic partner for Web3 development in the Japanese market since our early days. To enrich Shanti’s token utilities, we agree that a gaming platform is among the most interactive and time-efficient solutions.

So the challenge for Ekoios comes down to building a series of simple yet captivating arcade games, fully integrated with the existing ecosystem, within the short time frame of just a few weeks!

web3 game development case study - Shanti Game 1
web3 game development case study - Shanti Game 2

The Solutions

We work closely with Mr. Masahiro and the Shanti team throughout the project, from game selection, UX/UI design to development and blockchain integration. We decided to go with classic, mini arcade games as they are loved by all generations. With a total of 5 games, there is a choice for everyone!

  • Fish Hunting: shoot & capture game
  • Lucky Dice: gambling & betting game
  • Happy Birds: slot machine game
  • High or Low: betting game based on card draw
  • Baccarat: card comparison game

All games are deployed on a web application, so anyone can easily connect their wallets to play games and gain Shanti tokens as rewards. Users must also be able to also manage their accounts, and deposit and withdraw tokens directly within the site.

The Results

This January, the Shanti Game platform was officially launched within its community of 21,000+ users – and growing. Feel free to drop by the pink-colored world, pick an exciting game and earn some tokens in the process.


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Technology Stack

  • BNB
  • Meteor
  • NodeJS
  • C++
  • JavaScript
“The quality that Ekoios delivered never disappoints. They contributed tons of valuable ideas and executed the project flawlessly - in terms of both design and development. I’m very pleased with how Shanti Game turned out, and can’t wait to collaborate with the team on upcoming projects.”
shanti web3 game logo
Masahiro Tominaga

Project Owner